The aim of this multisensory art therapy program is to offer students, whatever their abilities, a wide range of sensory and art activities in a safe and friendly environment.

The multisensory art therapy program is designed to stimulate and integrate the senses, in order for the individual to progress and develop their own creative abilities at their own pace. Sessions are private one-on-one sessions, and are individually designed to suit the students strengths, needs and goals.

No previous experience in art is necessary. While extremely rich as a source of information, a child's art can not be translated into a diagnostic label. A participant may derive therapeutic benefit from creating art that has little symbolic content. The meaning, instead, is in the process and not the product.

Sessions are $60/hr

Individual Art Therapy (30 minute or 1 hour individual sessions offered for all ages)
Individual art therapy sessions are designed to address specific goal areas identified in the first assessment session such as sensory integration, visual processing work, focused and sustained attention, and/or fine and gross motor movements. Each program is then individually designed to address these goals through a variety of therapeutic sensory art activities such as experimenting with a variety of art textures and mediums, perceptual art, bilateral art etc. This program also works in conjunction with, and can be formatted to reinforce goals in other therapies (i.e Speech and O.T). Creativity and imagination, communication, emotional, social, motor and academic goals are addressed as well. This program provides one to one contact with the therapist.

* Group Art Therapy (1 hour sessions offered for all ages, depending on registration)
We focus on social goals such as cooperative play, relational awareness, self-expression, and communication within a small group setting ranging from 2-4 participants. Individuals will be grouped according to age, personality and needs. A sibling art therapy group is also available.

This group offers participants the opportunity to share and create with others as a means to foster social skills and intimate connection. Participants are led through art activities centered on exploring individual thoughts, feelings and interests. They are guided in working independently on individual art pieces as well as participating in creating group artwork. Art media and forms of expression used include painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, mosaics and abstractions. á

*It is recommended that the child or adult participant initially be in the Individual Sensory Art Therapy program first to establish the routine, expectation and individual goal(s) before beginning a group program. This also provides time for the sensory art therapist to assess the participant and recommend the most successful placement for a group program. However, check with Christina for registration in the group art program.

Family Art Therapy
Groups of 2-5 can participate in a creative family project including a family murals and sculptures, family collage, photo therapy techniques and printmaking work. We focus on the engaging, cooperative and playful interaction using the family systems model. Connect with Christina for more information and rates.

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