Sensory Art is based on neuroscientific research, psychological theory and expressive art therapy. Practicing sensory art focuses on the brain’s capacity to adapt and develop pathways to learning through stimulation of the senses.

Sensory art activities have been shown to produce changes in the brain that reflect improvements in enhanced attention skills and cognition with participants often showing significant gains in emotional awareness, communication, coping, emotional awareness, creative thinking and sensory information processing.

Expressive Art Therapy
Sensory Stimulation
Unique Individual Artwork

Individual Art Therapy
Individual art therapy sessions are designed to address specific goal areas identified in the first assessment session such as sensory integration, visual processing work, focused and sustained attention, and/or fine and gross motor movements.

Group Art Therapy
We focus on social goals such as cooperative play, relational awareness, self-expression, and communication within a small group setting ranging from 2-4 participants.

Family Art Therapy
Groups of 2-5 can participate in a creative family project including a family murals and sculptures, family collage, photo therapy techniques and printmaking work.

Christina Dove has been teaching sensory art for over 17 years in her St. John's Studio, at the Craft Council Clay Studio and at camps, community centres, schools and hospitals. She has worked with a variety of different clients with different needs including children with physical, developmental, and cognitive impairments and adults afflicted with MS, Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, PTSD, as well as traumatic brain injuries and stroke.

As a neurodevelopmental researcher, she has extensive experience in sensory and visual integration processing as well as neurophysiology techniques involving learning and memory.

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